We carefully choose our products based on our values; (We sell our products we’d buy for ourselves);

Intermark Gift shop was established by a company that has been working with expats from around the world since 1993;

We admire Russian traditional handicraft, so all the products in our shop are handmade;
We can find or make any Russian traditional souvenir for you. Just ask us!


Jewelry Box
Pavloposad shawl
Khokhloma wine vessel with cups
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Kholuy red jewelry box:  capercaillie


Kholuy green jewelry box:  capercaillie


Hedgehog box (Shkatulka style)


Khokhloma classic box 25x14x7


Geese jewelry box 18x10x5


The Frog Princess jewelry box 12x9x3


Traditional Russian Tea Culture

Tea is a huge part of Russian culture. It first appeared several centuries ago in Imperial Russia. 

Pavlovo Posad Shawl

The famous Pavlovo Posad shawl is a popular accessory that has enchanted the women of Russia for over two centuries. 

The Russian Doll - Matryoshka

Some believe that the art of wooden Russian dolls dates back to slavic Rus. Others are sure that these dolls are a relatively new invention, created specifically as souvenirs.