Zhostovo trays
Zhostovo trays with colourful floral arrangements are a well-known tradition of Russian art. They are so beautiful that it is often believed that these trays were created specifically for decoration purposes.
Traditional Russian Tea Culture

Tea is a huge part of Russian culture. It first appeared several centuries ago in Imperial Russia. There was a unique culture of drinking different teas - Chinese, Japanese or British. Even though trade was carried out at the Irbit and Nizhny Novgorod fairs, Moscow was a central tea city. Tea became an integral part of everyday life and is close to the hearts of many Russians. Russian tea-drinking culture has changed throughout history, but the love for this drink remains the same.

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Pavlovo Posad shawl

The famous Pavlovo Posad shawl is a popular accessory that has enchanted the women of Russia for over two centuries. If you want to enhance your wardrobe with an eclectic and original accessory, these shawls are a perfect option to do that, being a combination of fashion and folk style.

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A wine vessel with cups is called a Stof (originally German word). In literal translation Stof means a “big jug”. Initially it was used as a liquid volume measure of 1.23 liters defining the volume of strong drinks.

Western glass blowers brought the craft of creating beautiful glass vessels to Russia, and the word Stof followed along. As production became more complex, Stofs became more luxurious: made with engravings, decor, paintings. But the shape and its essence stayed the same – a quadrangular vessel for strong drinks.

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The Russian doll - Matroyshka
Some believe that the art of wooden Russian dolls dates back to slavic Rus. Others are sure that these dolls are a relatively new invention, created specifically as souvenirs. Despite any disagreements, one thing is agreed on by everyone: The Matryoshka doll has become an internationally recognised symbol of Russia.
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